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Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore Book Review

For anyone who wants to pursue a career in leadership coaching, there is no dearth of resource materials. There are numerous books and guides available online and offline that claim to have super-rich content to bring out the coach in everyone. However, there are only a few books that have gone through the test of time and still considered to be a must-read before you start your career as a coach.

Co-Active Coaching Book Review

There is no dearth of textbooks and guides for learner-coach approaches in the market. Most of these books deal with the golden rules of coaching extensively. However, there are only a few books that are certain to teach the transformative communication processes which are crucial in the coaching process. And books that address coaching as a co-active process that gives equal prominence to coach and the client are rare. For the same reason, the book Co-Active Coaching – Changing Business, Transforming Lives is a gem among books dedicated to the coaching process.

Combining Purpose and Career as a Life Coach

It’s conventional wisdom that by a certain age you are supposed to accept one thing: you aren’t going to have your dream job. Maybe you fell into a job, maybe you hold a job out of pure necessity. In some cases, you may have progressed somewhat in a field of your choosing, but stalled out somewhere along the way.

Hiring a Coach Impacts Your ROI on Average 500-700%

Many business establishments and corporate organizations these days claim that they give training to their staff and top executives. However, the truth is they cannot accurately prove the return on investment (ROI) of their training. On the flip side, due to the high competition, business managers and entrepreneurs are being forced to ensure every penny they spend in their training or coaching programs come back to them and positively impacts the business.