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Noble Manhattan is one of the longest established life and executive coach training companies in the World. Its reputation for creating superb life and executive coaches is second to none. Students are truly welcomed into the Noble Manhattan family, an international life coach training company with a heart. What is unique about Noble Manhattan is we help coaches to become successful after their training is completed with us.

Noble Manhattan is amongst the top 4 global life coach training companies in the world, of the 900+ life coach training companies worldwide. We offer a wide range of life and executive coaching and business courses, many of them accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPCM) the International Coach Federation (ICF) and our CEO was requested by various governmental bodies to set up as the previous CEO, the International Regulator for Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM).

Noble Manhattan has trained in excess of 25,000 professional life coaches and executive coaches worldwide. The Founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan, Mr. Gerard O’Donovan, is an internationally acclaimed authority in life and executive coaching and leadership. He is one of only under ten fellow coaches in the world, a world class motivational speaker, consultant, author and trainer.

The Noble Manhattan company currently trades in 28 countries around the world and each and every one of our life coach training courses is run by professional Noble Manhattan trainers who not only possess excellent presentation and educational skills but are proficient, experienced, and successful life and executive coaches in their own right. A great deal of careful thought and design has gone into developing a full program of life coach training and executive and business courses ranging from one day packed events to Certificate-based, Diploma, Advanced Diploma Programs and a PhD in Coaching. Whatever your situation, immediate goal, and ultimate coaching aspiration we can provide the total life coach training or business or leadership solution.

Our Practitioner Coach Diploma, our core life coach training program allows you to learn all the skills and underpinning knowledge essential to every coaching platform – personal, executive or corporate. If you want to develop your coaching skills and career further you will then be in a better position to choose whether it’s life dynamics or the business environment that attracts you. What’s more, over time you can add units together to obtain higher levels of coach accreditation which will directly impact on your respectability and earning power.

Master Coach is one of the highest levels of training recognized and therefore within the coaching industry. With Noble Manhattan you can choose a path that will take you there. Whenever you want to take your profession that step further you can do so without having to worry about finding another course that may not suit. We also are one of the very few life coach training companies in the world to offer a PhD in Coaching with a University Accreditation.

Noble Manhattan was founded in 1993 and has its international administration center based in Weymouth on the south coast of the UK, where a dedicated team is at your service. However, we have many offices around the world and are currently trading in 28 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and in the USA to facilitate the continuing training, backup and support of our students and coaches worldwide.

Noble Manhattan USA


Best for Life & Corporate Coach Training, GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE of the Year Award Winner

Best for Life & Corporate Coach Training, UK Corporate USA Today Annual Awards

Gerard O’Donovan, 101 Top Global Coaching Leaders, World HRD Congress

Gerard O’Donovan, Global CEO Exellence of the Year

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Best in Life & Corporate Corporate Coach Training 2018 UK, Global Business Insight Awards 2018

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Best Global Coach Training Company, Poland for the International Emerging Market Awards 2017

Gerard O’Donovan, Chairman & CEO, M.Sc, N.E.B.S.S., FCLC

Gerard O’Donovan is the founder of Noble-Manhattan Coaching, Ltd., a worldwide coaching organization dedicated to teaching the skills necessary to attain success. Noble Manhattan are one of the longest established coach training companies in the world and currently train individual and executive coaches in 28 countries. From his headquarters in England, Gerard travels the world, developing and consulting with businesses and individuals passionate about achieving success.

Employing a unique style of public speaking that is at once dynamic, motivating, and humorous, Gerard is known throughout Europe as a master coach and hailed worldwide, because his methods, training and strategies work to help people achieve peak performance in everything they do.

Gerard’s accomplishments include:

Jennifer Helene Popken, M.S.

Jennifer Helene is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of initiating, growing and leading businesses. She began studying Coaching in 2010 and has worked in the industry with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine Coaching for individuals, organizations and the creation of methodologies for learning systems.

She has lead end-to-end marketing programs by developing and evolving brands. She creates strategies and direct content/design across all marketing touchpoints (video, email, social, blog, advertising, community, website, events, etc.)

Jennifer Helene has lead online educational programs by developing innovative content strategies for Learning Management Systems (LMS). She directs design, schedules, budgets, and sales staff to scale systems globally. Additionally she represent programs as the presenter and evangelist.

Jennifer Helene has a long track record of developing training methodologies as well as conducting profitable, immersive coach training, marketing, and mentoring programs.

She is the Managing Director of Noble-Manhattan in the United States (CA/FL). She is the Master Coach and Coach Trainer for a world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. Jennifer Helene speaks fluent French and German, and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in learning food as medicine and growing international businesses.

She holds an M.S. in Nutrition and has been consulting groups, companies and individuals for over a decade on Lifestyle Medicine.

She believes that your daily practice is your most powerful medicine. The root of her past, future and present is the practice of the grammar and doctrine of Patanjali Yoga.

Cherry Mullins

Trainer, Tele-lecturer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach and Accredited Master Coach Trainer and accredited Master Coach (AMC) with over 11,000 hours of coaching experience. She is also a Trainer, with over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering training programs internationally for a variety of organizations.

Cherry not only coaches people within the corporate environment, she also trains and mentors managers in how to improve their coaching and management skills. This has included coaching mentoring and training managers in the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard and developing and running the first coaching skills workshop for HM Prison Service and running Women In Leadership Programs for African Utilities companies.

Before establishing her Coaching and training practice, Cherry’s career spanning twenty years included ten years at board level, as Managing Director of the UK subsidiary of an American organization.

Accredited Master Coach (AMC) with the International Authority of Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M). Cherry for seven years was the International Head of Accreditation for The IIC&M (now the IAPC&M) and headed a team accrediting individual coaches and coach training organisations worldwide. She was also a consultant for accreditation worldwide for the IIC&M.

Cherry has worked internationally with CEO’s, CFO’s, Senior Executives, Managers and staff at all levels throughout small medium, national and international organisations including:

Deloitte & Touche; Aviva; Royal Bank of Scotland; Rabo Bank; Walker Cripps; Abbey National; DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary UK LLP; Rail Track; HM Prison Service, NHS, CQC, Metropolitan Police, CIPD and MEC.

Colin Lindsay

International Managing Director of The Alpha Group

For most of you it has maybe not been the right time for you or maybe just too early in the growth of The Alpha Group for you to get involved. Well may I suggest that now is the right time.

The question is always about “WHATS IN IT FOR ME” well let me see if I can answer that for you.

If you are motivated to learn how you can motivate and inspire SME business owners to become better leaders and business owners then contact Noble Manhattan USA.

David Wilson

A Master Coach, Legacy Fellow of the Career Development Institute and Accredited Fellow Coach with The International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring. Focusing on simple, practical strategies to equip senior managers to be more influential in their careers, whether to impact on the Board, get buy-in for their projects or develop strong stakeholder relationships. Using a unique set of diagnostics we can take a look under the bonnet together and develop a successful influencing strategy for you. His short, focused, tailored and targeted career and leadership sessions are impacting on key individuals in global organizations around the world to rapidly create change, make things happen and deliver results.

Dawn Campbell

Fellow of the IIC&M, Master Mentor, Holistic Practitioner & Author. Following a fast track 20 year corporate career in management consultancy, Dawn had responsibility for outsourced services in the fields of national recruitment campaigns and corporate relocations around the world. Consequently, Dawn’s specific area of expertise is in recruiting, training, and motivating teams such as sales & marketing and customer services to deliver contracts, all of which means Dawn has vast proven practical business expertise.

Dawn has been a solo entrepreneur for over a decade. She’s now a sought after Fellow Coach, a successful master mentor for Noble Manhattan, where she has guided and inspired hundreds of international students on their coaching journey, the majority of whom went on to achieve distinctions. Dawn is also an accreditation assessor and Director at the International Institute of Coaches & Mentors (IIC&M).

Di McLanachan

Di is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has over 30 years experience working with large multinational corporations (predominantly IBM) and is the best selling author of ‘NLP for Business Excellence’, published by Fenman.

As a trainer and life coach, Di has regularly been featured in newspapers and has appeared on BBC1 and Meridian Television. She was the pioneer of NLP-based coaching on live radio with a regular phone-in slot on BBC Radio Solent. In addition, she has been a Life Coach for the Sunday Times. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, Di is able to include tried and tested techniques into both training and coaching programs, to great effect.

John Fielder

Final Assessor

John Fielder is a Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Chartered HR Professional, Accredited Fellow Coach (IIC&M), Certified NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and TimeLine® Therapist, who has over 30 years experience of working with individuals, teams and organizations, within a diverse range of companies spanning a wide range of market sectors including the armed forces.

John has been trained by and assisted with the pioneers and innovators of NLP including Master NLP Trainers John Seymour, Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, David Shephard and Dr Tad James (Creator of Time Line Therapy).

His professional memberships include Chartered MCIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), Fellow CMI (Chartered Management Institute), MANLP (Association for NLP) MIIC&M (International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring), MCThA (Complementary Therapists Association) and BPS (British Psychological Society) Occupational Testing Certificates “A” & “B”.

Jolene Jackson

Jolene is a Strategic Partner for Noble Manhattan USA, handling California and Florida. She is also a Hippocrates Health Educator, a Master NLP Practitioner and Timeline Coach, a Master Reiki Practitioner, a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Senior Leader of the Anthony Robbins organization, Jolene brings a rich backdrop of personal development and coaching experience to her role as a Manager for Noble Manhattan USA.

After a successful business career, she discovered that she felt personally more satisfied by being able to guide individuals at the beginning of their path to wellness, helping others enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life. She credits her Midwest roots for her positive philosophy and commitment to making a difference, one person at a time.

Gail O’Donovan

Financial Director

Gail is the Financial Director of Noble Manhattan. Gail has been in business for many decades. She has been a Company Director and Company Secretary working in the field of property management, financial services, and legal work. In addition to this she has, more recently, taught IT skills to those in Further and Adult Education.

The World’s Leading Life & Corporate Coach Training Company

If you want be accredited by the world’s leading, award winning life & corporate coach training company then do not hesitate to send us an email!

Are you interested in joining the Noble Manhattan Team?

Noble Manhattan was founded in 1993 and has its international administration center based in Weymouth on the south coast of the UK, where a dedicated team is at your service. However, we have many offices around the world and are currently trading in 28 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA to facilitate the continuing training, backup and support of our students and coaches worldwide we maintain a comprehensive and extensive faculty.

Noble Manhattan is committed to providing the opportunity for all coaches to grow and develop their skills and knowledge. As with all professions, continuing to develop is an important addition to becoming qualified. Your development as a coach is paramount to your success. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can include: attending courses, workshops and webinars to learn new tools, techniques and methods that are directly related to or applicable to coaching. Keeping up with new developments in the coaching industry and learning new ways of dealing with different things can provide an added dimension to the coaching you offer. Supporting our coaches not only during but after their training has always been something we are proud of. We offer a number of opportunities to enable coaches to add to their knowledge base and increase their skills including:

To ensure that our coaches continue to grow professionally and continue to develop their skills and knowledge we have established a division within Noble Manhattan designed specifically to fulfill the need for CPD. Courses, workshops and webinars are offered on a regular basis providing Noble Manhattan students and qualified coaches the opportunity to learn cutting edge tools and techniques together with gaining further training in specific coaching niches. Please contact us at if you would like to know more.

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