Great Coaches look after their Physical Fitness, as this means Peak Performance

Peak Performance requires a systematic and commitment to exercise at least Monday to Friday. World’s best CEO’s shows that you can’t just become your best self- without being on the top of your own performance. We know and recommend with absolute confidence Jazz Alessi to anyone in London (Jazz sometimes travels for and with high-profile clients). We know someone who wants to work as a Coach- should be physically fit, as this affects their endurance, energy and ability to be able to serve a client to the very best of their ability.

Elite personal training has a lot of benefits associated with it. It will include tailor-made programs that particularly fit the body type, goals and the lifestyle of the client. Moreover, the personal trainer will be more accountable to the client hence there is a higher chance of receiving the desired outcomes. However, one thing is sure – the various benefits of elite personal training becomes a reality only when it is directed by a highly qualified fitness professional. Many elite trainers claim they have credentials and experience to train the elites. The fact is only a few of them are real, authentic and qualified enough to demonstrate true elite status. That is the reason why Jazz Alessi stands out among elite personal trainers in London.

Introducing Jazz Alessi

Jazz is one of the top-rated personal trainers, sports nutritionists and dietician’s in London. He has been widely acclaimed for his skills and knowledge in providing complete body transformation, health transformations and fitness improvisation to his clients. He is formidable in multiple ways – Elite Personal Trainer, Clinical Exercise Specialist, 2nd Generation Pilates Trainer, Harley Street London Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert.

Jazz recognizes the knowledge and techniques that help to bring out the peak performance in his clients while helping them to achieve optimal health and avoid injuries. He has developed a distinctive approach to include more exercises that cater to individual tastes and preferences. His evidence-based approach to fitness has many takers from all walks of life. His clients includes people from different backgrounds – CEO’s, medical doctors, actresses, actors, celebrities and more.

One can approach Jazz for nutrition consultation, fitness, effective lower back pain reversal and sciatic recovery programs, sports injury rehabilitation for your knees, 2nd generation Pilates, and more. No matter what the requirement is Jazz follows a tailor-made approach for each of his clients. Jazz Alessi is not just another fitness trainer with half-baked knowledge and experience. He is a multi-national champion in martial arts and trained olympic medal winners and the elites personal trainer Canary Wharf banking hub. Backed by experience, he has trained many athletes, fighters and marathon runners for international games and events. In fact, he has been providing professional training in athletics, Pilates 2nd generation, martial arts and yoga since 1988.

Different training programs offered by Jazz

As a well-rounded personal trainer, Jazz loves to work with new individuals, listen to their fitness goals and come up with unique, enjoyable programs that incorporate various workout regimes. His customized workout plan may include cross-training, gymnastics, body conditioning, Pilates, weights training, yoga, TRX, BOSU training and more. The combination of workouts depends on individual needs and preference. For anyone who wants to shed weight naturally, quickly and safely, Jazz is a dependable personal trainer. Here is a glance to his expertise in multiple fronts for fitness weight loss.

2nd Generation Pilates Training

When it comes to Pilates training, Jazz is one of the pioneers in the country itself. He is a second-generation Pilates trainer. This means he is one of the twenty 2nd generation Pilates trainers in the UK. Jazz had undergone Pilates training from Lawrence Hayward, one of the well-acclaimed first-generation Pilates trainers in Canada. Lawrence Hayward was a direct student of Joseph Pilates, lived in his house and worked personally with Joseph. Jazz has been fortunate enough to learn techniques directly from Lawrence Hayward which makes him an expert in Pilates training in the UK.

The Pilates training offered by Jazz is customized to suit the individual needs of each of the clients. He has a wide experience in offering Pilates training to people with different requirements – back rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, knee injury rehabilitation, sciatica, core strengthening workouts and more.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

Sports injury rehabilitation is another area where Jazz has proven his skills, abilities and knowledge. Treatment is one part and rehabilitation is equally important for complete recovery from sports injuries. Rehabilitation programs need to be done with care under the guidance of an expert for desired outcomes. Jazz has been a sports enthusiast himself and has been spending many years of his life competing hence aware of different sports injuries. He understands what works among sports injury rehabilitation methods and what can be harmful to the body as a person as well as a sportsman.

Jazz is trained and well-knowledgeable about body biomechanics, physiology and injury rehabilitation techniques. He has acquired his training in sports injury rehabilitation training from famous physiotherapists like Ulrik Larsen and Chris Mallac. He has worked with hundreds of people and helped them recover completely after minor and major sports injuries.

On average, he works with more than 30 athletes every year. All his clients can benefit from his one-to-one approach to each of them. He is a preferred trainer for many doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths when their patients need exercise-driven rehabilitation in London.

Sportspeople suffering from injuries such as the meniscus, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, back, knees, shoulder or hip are among his clients. Also, people with serious illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases consult him for fitness training and rehabilitation.

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Jazz is also a certified sports nutritionist in London. After completing studies in nutritional science, he has researched on various nutritional approaches and its effects on the human body. His knowledge of food & nutrition helps him in customizing diet plans for his clients as per their preferences. His services are extended to advanced weight loss management, sports nutrition and body transformation services as well..

Jazz is also a presenter/public speaker and speaks on various topics related to food and nutrition and frequently conducts seminars and workshops in the UK. Jazz believes in a Clean Food –Lean Bodies philosophy and works with clients to form scientifically proven diet plans. He also speaks on the latest food mixing techniques and strategies with a focus on nutritional concepts.

Jazz is someone who consistently updates his knowledge on fitness training and workout regimes and various aspects inherent to it. As of now, he is completing a course in Comprehensive Master Herbalist Training, Shiatsu and Clinical Massage Therapy.

As a Life, Executive and Team Coaching Training company- we know for someone to BE THEIR BEST self and LONG-TERM HEALTH— physical fitness and NOT optional. So we recommend Jazz, to anyone globally or who is in London.