Life Coaching: How does it Work?

The word ‘Life Coaching’ is often related to consulting, mentoring, advising, therapy, or counseling. However, it is not always true. Life coaching is more than all of these.

It is a profession that is dedicated to helping people reach specific personal goals or success. It helps people face different situations in life with confidence and go through the transitions in his/her life. It examines everything that is going on at the moment to discover the obstacles or challenges faced and decide a course of action to make happen that he/she REALLY wants.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Usually, coaching consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between the client and the life coach. Depending on the requirement, the schedule is often fixed. Some clients meet with their life coach once a week while some others meet every two weeks or once a month. You can agree on what works best for you before starting the coaching agreement.

A Typical Life Coaching Format is as follows:

➢ Complimentary Coaching Consultation
➢ 60 to 90-minute “Design the Alliance” first session
➢ One 30 to 90-minute phone call per week (Session length depends on the coach and program)
➢ Email support
➢ Occasional brief check-in calls

The clients are given the power to decide

In Life Coaching, the client and the coach maintain a relationship where the decision-making power falls on the client. A coach works in such a way that the client has it in him/her to answer all the questions that life poses, though it appears to be concealed, obscured or unseen.

The coaches are skilled in asking the right questions and have the right tools and techniques to give power to the clients to discover those answers within themselves.

Life coaches believe that clients are the only experts in their own lives and they truly know themselves and what they need to succeed. They are drivers of their life who can really recognize what is best for them. The coaches remain experts only in the coaching process.

Creating an action plan

Each day you make choices, either trivial or profound. The decisions affect your life by making it more fulfilling or less fulfilling, balanced or imbalanced, more successful, or less successful. A life coach can assist you in making better choices based on your values, so that you can lead an effective, powerful, balanced and fulfilling life.

A professional coach will help you to steer to your mind so that you can take action to make your goals and dreams a reality. A powerful coach will further measure and challenge your commitment to take actionable steps.

Instill motivation and commitment and calibrate to keep you on track

Throughout, your coach will work to keep your motivation and commitment high which is something that comes from within. Your coach will ensure that you stay close to your values and vision of who you want to become. You will also challenged to discover and overcome the obstacles blocking your way, such as fears or limiting beliefs.

Areas where an accredited professional coach can help you:

There are generalized as well as specialized areas where life coaching can help. Some of the specialized areas include:

➢ Instilling confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem
➢ Goal setting
➢ Overcoming obstacles
➢ Aligning your values, goals and vision
➢ Creating loving relationships that work
➢ Helping to make a seamless career change and creating workplaces that work
➢ Bringing balance in your life
➢ Better child and parent connection
➢ Better self-care
➢ Eating healthier food and improving health
➢ Peak Performance
➢ Time Management
➢ Finding your self-identity

These are only some specific areas. You can take the help of a Powerful Life Coach to tackle any problems, be them specific or general.

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