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This innovative PhD distance learning coaching doctorate is offered by Noble Manhattan Coaching in collaboration with and accredited by Canterbury University, which is part of the University of Kent. Study on a distance learning basis to take advantage of a wide network of international academics and partnerships. Key themes within the PhD program are: approaches to research, expert practice, innovation in practice, application of psychological perspectives to various areas of review and research, review and implementation and education and learning.

Professional people have great skill-sets. They learn to manage limited resources, plan for continuous improvement and generally keep a results-oriented view point. Our professional PhD coaching program has been designed to leverage what professional people do best: create positive change. As a professional coach training company, we believe that professional people are perfectly positioned to create real social change by leveraging the assets and resources at their disposal. One of the most important assets at your disposal is you and the energy you bring to your work. Through pointed and dedicated research you can make change possible.

Who should apply?

Prospective applicants include, but are not limited to, those working in Healthcare, private and independent health and social care sector and higher education staff, managers and educators. The PhD in coaching is relevant to a wide range of people working in a variety of professional settings, in the UK and Internationally to:

Professionals in a range of organizations in the private, public and voluntary sector

Clinical and non-clinical mental health practitioners (e.g. nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, psychological well-being practitioners, counselors, CBT therapists, mental health workers)

Graduates of related disciplines (e.g. nursing, counseling, psychology, psychotherapy, social sciences, social work, occupational therapy)

Managers of services

Policy makers and commissioners

Our innovative PhD distance learning coaching doctorate is accredited by Canterbury University, which is part of the University of Kent.

Program Features

Service focus

The PhD in Coaching offers the opportunity to develop the understanding of the service in which they find themselves and allows them to research areas on which they have impact.


The PhD in Coaching provides a wide range of teaching, support and development opportunities. Each candidate has a supervisory panel to support them through the doctorate.


You don’t have to worry about fitting in everything in your schedule. The doctorate program is provided 100% online and the content is available on any device.

Individualized Approach

The PhD in Coaching is adapted to the needs of professionally qualified candidates by concentrating on study, development and research within a defined area of specialization.

Psychological perspectives

The PhD in Coaching is focused on taking a psychological perspective to understanding one’s area and exploring how psychology can be applied in these settings.


Emphasis on research and write up for publication: The components of the PhD portfolio are all geared towards getting the candidates work published and disseminated.



We provide PhD support and courses for professional coaching in seven languages, possess 12 other divisions for additional support and education, and offer 18 distinct coaching programs for all coaching journeys.


The Canterbury University has thousands of courses on offer in the arts and humanities, applied and social sciences and is a respected University that was founded in 1965 with just 500 students. They now have around 16,500 students from 158 nationalities and a very cosmopolitan feel. Nearly 90% of CCCU research submitted to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) was assessed as world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognized.


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