Relationship/Couples Coaching

Your loving relationship can be the most fulfilling, and enjoyable part of your life as a human being, it can also be the most disappointing.

Often what happens when couples begin having difficulties in their relationship is unconscious fears, needs, agendas, psychological wounds and expectations are coming to the surface and need to be dealt with for the relationship to deepen. But as a relationship deepens, and the heart of both individuals becomes more open, this vulnerability creates a new challenge for couples, that no book or strategy can resolve, as it is a unique unfolding for each couple to navigate and experience.

This is where our greatest challenge and work lies, in relationships, and this is where relationship/couples coaching can help couples the most. Coaching is not counseling or therapy, coaching is results driven.

Are you looking for a deeper, more honest, more fulfilling, and more rewarding loving relationship?

Tony Vernon, NMC

Tony Vernon trained with Noble Manhattan in 1999, 2 decades ago as a Professional Life & Executive Coach. Today, he is the Managing Director of Noble Manhattan USA. He has 20+ years of coaching experience and an enormous amount of further training and study so uses a multitude of modalities, evidence-based models and techniques to help clients to attain the results they deserve including: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Brain Gym, MISP (Massage in Schools Program), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Reality Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine, Humanistic Counseling, Psychosynthesis, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Imago Therapy.

Tony is a highly skilled professional relationship and couples coach and works primarily in West Palm Beach, Florida with couples. He also makes home visits from Jupiter to the Miami area. Tony was fortunate to study under the late Jon Welwood, (Journey of the Heart) so in his relationship/couples coaching practice he uses this work as well as the many aspects of his two decades of study and ongoing training to achieve results with couples.

He also works personally with clients as a Professional Coach on Zoom or Skype globally. Tony is a Regional Director with The Alpha Group, which has a track record in doubling or trebling the value of SMEs turning over between 1-100million in 2-3 years. He has a vast amount of business experience having worked with a wide variety of clients in different capacities including: Levi, Jacuzzi, Kaiser Permamente, A Cloud Guru, Salesforce, Beringer, KPMG, and The World Preservation Foundation. He also co-built and marketed from inception an educational nutrition and lifestyle medicine coaching-based online program for Hippocrates Health Institute with 86+ lecturers providing the online education, which now has over 580 students in 48 countries.

He believes psychological-based helping professions must become modernized and provide supporting online education (he is also the President of Purposeful Films) to be of better use to clients, companies and humanity, and must include coaching principles as the willingness to take responsibility is paramount to growth. He is also an advocate of lifestyle medicine to be used alongside coaching, as living a healthy lifestyle dramatically impacts mental health and performance.

To set up an appointment email: or please call 415.408.8549 to book an appointment.

Take an honest look at where you are on ‘The Medicine Wheel of Committed, Loving Relationship’ below. Use the center of the wheel as a 0 and the outer point of each spoke as a 10. Get a sense of your relationship.

Take an honest look at where you are on ‘The Medicine Wheel of Committed, Loving Relationship’ below. Use the center of the wheel as a 0 and the outer point of each spoke as a 10. Get a sense of your relationship.


Florida – West Palm Beach, 33411
Florida – Jupiter to Miami Home Visits
Zoom or Skype Video Calls – Globally – NOT for Couples, individual sessions only

Preferred Session Times

For a speedy appointment please try to be as flexible as possible. There is often a waiting list for evening appointments as these are our most popular times.


For relationship/couples coaching we charge $300 for a 60-minute session ($150 per person) or $1,000 for a 3-hour session for couples who want to, or need to work with greater intensity.

We also provide packages of 4, 8 & 12 sessions if longer term, relationship/couples coaching is needed. So, session options are:

One 60-minute session
3-hour in-depth couple session – Home Visit Only
Four 60-minute sessions
Eight 60-minute sessions
Twelve 60-minutes sessions

Making payments

Payment can be made with cash, check or Paypal transfer, at the end of your session.