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So the training has been awesome because it’s so applicable to help everyone with challenges in life but it also helps you while you’re going through the training.

So Gerard O’Donovan and all of the instructors are really amazing. I’ve taught for 16 years at the college level and had to evaluate other teachers and these teachers are amazing. I wish that I could have had them teaching under me. They’re energetic, they’re enthusiastic, they have great stories from, great lifetime stories that really apply to every situation.

The one instructor talks about just being an entertrainer and she is super but everyone is entertaining, it’s fun learning. It’s just a great experience and in the classroom you get so much information. I can’t even tell you how great it is because they cover everything that you could possibly ever need to coach.

So the whole program is all about the students and I can’t say enough good about it. They’re just a high quality. I mean if looking at all the other coaching organizations they are on the very top. And so they’re great. And all the support from all the other trainers and the other people that the staff is amazing.

Kim Bloom

Practitioner Coach Student

So I have been involved in the Noble Manhattan Practitioner Coach Diploma program and I can say only amazing things about this program, not just the program but the company and everybody that works for it. I was a little hesitant when I started into the program because I wasn’t sure what coaching was.

So coaching, whether you want to be specifically a life coach or this type of coach, no matter what you want to do in your life it’s going to only enhance the presentation that you are to the world. And not only is it doing that for me but it also is showing me a career that I am choosing to partake in and it’s only opening doors after doors after doors. And some of the doors that are opening for me I never thought would have been opened for me but I’m choosing them because they excite me. I follow the excitement in my life because excitement brings me happiness, it brings me joy, and those are the vibrations that I choose to live under. So I follow my excitement and coaching makes me excited.

Noble Manhattan is 100% a warm, welcoming family. I’m still in touch with some of the coaches that taught me in my last Residential. I’ve had personal coaching with some of them and the owner of the company, Gerard O’Donovan, is just a man with a warm, welcoming, open arms type of approach to you and he invites you in. And it’s very authentic and you feel it. And the people behind the scenes that are running the programs I’ve become very good friends with. They’re family, they’re lifelong friends. I consider them cosmic soul family and it truly is a family. It’s not just, so many companies out there say that and then when you’re immersed in it you start to feel detached and that just doesn’t happen here.

It’s a great company. I can probably speak for a very long time about Noble Manhattan.

Michael Vasconez

Life Executive & Team Coach Student

Hi. I’m Casandra. I’m from Chicago. This course made me grow as a person, made me see how we could have different conversations with different people. This is definitely going to empower me for my future.

There were different models how we could fix a problem by finding a solution.

Yes, I will definitely make a career change with this program. It made me realize that there’s definitely growth in each person.

I think I am just because there’s many tools I can use for my future. Not even coaching but as a different career. I think I’m definitely going to help my family and friends. And I understand them better just I could get more detail, more curious, and what is it I can say.

Definitely I do have different goals set in line. I just had to put my mind into it and explore the tools we’re encouraged to.

Casandra Flores

Life Executive & Team Coach Student

Hi. My name is Coco. I’m from Guatemala and I started the coaching program four days ago. And I can say I’m a new person in a certain way because I’ve been coaching myself and other people for many years. I like to help people and I realized that I’ve been doing that quite good. But now I can do it in an excellent way because I realize that by learning how to connect with the people in a different way you go deeper. And that’s what happened to me. I went deeper into myself and now I know that it’s not my responsibility to change the behavior of others but I can still question, help them question their beliefs in a gentle way. And I realized also that life really is a journey.

My first day I was not quite confident about how to do this. It was a challenge for me even though I loved to speak and to help people. It was a challenge for me. And now with the tools they gave us I’m feeling so good, so calm, relief. And I know that I can go home now but I go back home and support the people that were looking for me in a more loving way. And also a more efficient way so that they can fly and don’t have to be dependent on me. So I’m really thankful for this experience and I’m happy to go out and in the world. Thank you very much.


Practitioner Coach Student

Hi. My name is Maria and I’m from Canada. And I chose to come here to this experience because I really wanted to elevate my coaching. And I think I got so much more than what I expected because not only do we get to practice a lot, which was something that I really wanted to do from the experts, but the most valuable was really the feedback from each of these individuals and that’s how you really grow. And I think that’s what I was most surprised about was the feedback. And not really, I mean the content was amazing as well but the feedback was just mind-blowing.

I really want to help people become their better selves and I think coaching will bring that to them and that’s why I chose to become a coach. Coming to this class and these four days really shows you what it is that you have to develop. That either that you already have or something that you could tweak easily because they show you so many techniques and all of that. So yeah.

Maria Tedim, Ph.D., Canada

Life, Executive & Team Coach Student

Hi. My name is Holly Heinz and I am from Portland, Maine. And I just finished the Noble Manhattan coaching course and it was definitely something that I was pleasantly surprised by and had never really witnessed coaching in action before. So it was really great to spend the last four days seeing and experiencing and learning different modalities that were completely new to me. And yeah I’m excited to go back and use this in my life and my future business and practice and to really make a difference and help people and hopefully impact their lives. Thank you.

Holly Heinz

Practitioner Coach Student

Hello. My name is Zainab Fisher. I’m from Florida. Wow. I am a self-taught vegan vegetarian chef. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to be here and take this amazing class with Gerard with Noble Manhattan. First when I came in the first day I have no idea what I was going to get myself into and what I’m going to expect. But during the process of a couple days that I’ve been here and just listened to Gerard and listened to them talk I felt like I’ve gained so much knowledge of what I was lacking of education for myself to be able to use that whatever knowledge that I’ve learned from here to be able to use it for my clients that I’m doing. So I think that we think we know a lot but we don’t until you actually take a class that you educate yourself and you learn. During this process I’m going to be able to use what I’ve learned and gained with Noble Manhattan to use it with my client because I have a lot of clients who are always asking for advice with me. And now I can prove that once I’ve taken an amazing class that with full of knowledge that I never thought, I never expect. So for me to be able to use the knowledge and be able to use that to what I’m doing with my cooking for my clients I think it’s going to help a lot of my clients and also help me in the future if I want to further go and do what I want to do more of coaching. So thank you so much Noble Manhattan and I’m continue to learn. And I don’t know what to say. I just want to say thank you. It’s an eye-opener for me and it’s an experience. Thank you.

Zainab Fisher

Life, Executive & Team Coach Student

I always felt like I was missing something, but I could never put my finger on it. That was until I had my first coaching experience when I realized that coaching is what was missing. I signed up for my first Noble Manhattan coaching Master Class and hired a coach. The Master Class was an excellent exposure to the tip of the coaching iceberg, so I decided to continue my coaching education through Noble Manhattan. Noble Manhattan has a systematic learning structure set in place, including supportive Mentor coaching calls that greatly accelerate the learning. You have the freedom to maneuver the online classes at your own peril. The reading materials are excellent, brief and to the point, and being part of a study group with like-minded people keeps it interesting and fun. Not only did the Noble Manhattan coach training help make a shift in my life, I am now able to help others make valuable changes in their life. I still have a coach of my own, I feel that if you don’t have a coach in your life, you are missing opportunities that you never even noticed were there. Becoming a coach through Noble Manhattan will help you be part of a community that keeps you growing in every way. And best of all, as a coach you can skillfully help others find that “missing something”.

Beatrice Phillips

Noble Manhattan Trained Coach
IAPC&M Accredited Practioner Coach