Testimonials and Clients

I took this course for professional and personal development. Personally, I gained more insights into my self, my values, my personal coping style. I have more tools for my work – as a matter of fact, I already started to use some of the activities that we learned these days. And I am planning to use this with my staff, as well as with my clients.

Bonnie MarrowPsychotherapist
I first attended a seminar held by Gerard O’Donovan in February 1988. It was one of the most exciting and informative meetings I have ever been to. The tools that I learnt all those years ago have been essential in the development of my career.
Mark Allen Managing Director Exeter Health and Leisure Centre
Gerry has to be one of the most exciting and enthusiastic speakers I have ever seen. Anybody interested in personal development should attend one of his courses
Robert Allen Director Mortgage Shop Exeter Ltd
Having worked with Gerard O’ Donovan I can honestly say that he gets directly to the core of the issue and teaches the necessary skills with a high level of expertise. I believe his methods are effective and the results can be highly rewarding
Peter PowderhamGeneral Manager for Nu Skin International
I found the whole course beneficial in its structure, on Sunday morning I was in tears thinking I would never make a coach then by Sunday afternoon I found that I was! Thank you
Marilyn Perkins
This was a wonderful weekend, I found it jam-packed with wonderful tools; tools that are geared to provoke thought, vision and depth – I loved them! I really enjoyed the practices as I now have a great deal more confidence in my coaching abilities. I have found avenues to pursue and tools to use, but now I’d like to implement these tools both in my own growth and personal development and towards the intention of making a contribution to my clients – I loved it!!!
Sayeda Habib
Overall a very powerful, dynamic course. I have learnt a tremendous amount in a very ‘safe’ environment.
Mandy Batten
An excellent venue and setting, the course links theory to practise and enables ample opportunity for role play in practical sessions enabling one to feel motivated and inspired. I now feel much more inspired with increased confidence also.
Maureen Lyons
I found all of it beneficial! I enjoyed learning about tools and techniques. I am an experienced trainer and project manager, I am also studying counselling. Even with all these experiences I still learnt an immense amount of new material.
Sarah Carrington-Gull
An excellent opportunity to meet and work with other student coaches; establish networking opportunities; meet and work with qualified, experienced coaches and benefit from individual experiences, opinions and ways of working. All of the above is done in a totally supportive and caring environment.
Paul Timmins
I have seen Gerard O’Donovan speak on a number of occasions over the last five years and I never fail to be entertained or learn something new. The skills he teaches are essential and I would recommend his services to everyone.
Jason Evans Managing Director Exeter Health and Leisure Centre
Gerard O’ Donovan is a natural motivator but more than that, he “walks the talk” …so that you can take away practical ideas that work the next day
Paul Clegg Former General Manager Wella GB Ltd. & Managing Director Redken Laboratories
Just wanted to say what a wonderful experience was had over the last 4 days. What you have done is quite remarkable in building NM to the family it is today. It’s a breath of fresh air to find something you can be a part of and become encouraged to excel at being you and inspired to fulfil your true life purpose. Well done to you! I dare say that we will have a great many further meetings and look forward to every one of them.
Gerry Donaldson
I have seen Gerard O’Donovan speak on a number of occasions over the last five years and I never fail to be entertained or learn something new. The skills he teaches are essential and I would recommend his services to everyone.
Jason Evans Managing Director Exeter Health and Leisure Centre
I found the course concentrated, thought-provoking and fun. It was a good mix of explanation and practice; it was not too heavy on theory, and very stimulating. The company was enjoyable in lovely surroundings!
Jill Lang
The content of the presentations was extremely good; the atmosphere engendered was warm and supportive. We all learned from one and another.”
Christine Rudge
This is a first class course; the training material is excellent and well structured. I believe Noble Manhattan Coaching to be the best training provider in the country.
Michael Davison
The level of integrity, passion, clarity and content was very impressive; I loved the weekend.
Daniel Wise
Knowledge and happiness were in abundance, the course was well structured and everyone was helpful. I have always felt nervous when attending course’s due to my lack of self-confidence; but this course has totally ‘blown’ this feeling away. I now have confidence and feel secure enough to move on. I have met wonderful people; I know I will keep contact with. Well done Noble Manhattan.
Liam Ludlow
The warmth and support were wonderful; the content was very interesting and was presented in a practical and entertaining style, this made learning easy. I feel privileged to have worked with the calibre of coaches I have met this weekend. Thank you all!
Fiona Watson

I was at a crossroads in my life where I knew there must be a better way forward than where I was currently heading. It was at this time when I met Gerry, and I’ve since maintained that our meeting was ‘fate’. His motivational and training talks and material, a reflection of his truly positive attitude and direction in life, not only helped me realise a better way forward but that I could take charge of my own life and destiny.
Claire MoreyBusiness Owner
I have never before seen a large room of people as if charged with electricity. It was one of the most impressive, encouraging and motivating talks I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I have heard from many of the best.
Charles Boote MD of Armitage Shanks Europe and Deputy Chairman of Stafford Training and Enterprise Council
I have known Gerard for over 13 years and have witnessed a man with incredible drive and motivation lead others both individually and in groups to higher self-belief, ability and ‘esprit de corps’. He is an inspiration both on stage and in person
Barry Vidler National Sales Director of Cornhill Life Insurance Co Ltd
Just wanted to thank Noble Manhattan and all the nice people that i met at the Residential. It was a fantastic learning experience, didn’t realize how time passed by and wished it was a bit longer. I will inculcate the learning in my course and all spheres of life and would be great to keep in touch with all you lovely people. Would just like to say DREAM DARE SHARE, nothing is impossible, that’s been my learning.
The course was very professional; a wonderful venue, a variety of teachers, concepts and plenty of practical coaching exercises.
I think the structure, style and content of the course was excellent; I feel very confident in Noble Manhattan as an organization.
Andrea Waterhouse
I would feel happy recommending the course because it has heightened my awareness of the power of coaching. This is as a result of having the opportunity and benefit from listening to three different trainers, practising coaching skills and using tools which vastly increase one’s confidence. I have left the course in a much stronger position to coach myself and others then I was before it.
Ali Nicholls
“The confidence gained from practical exercises was great. I hadn’t done ANY coaching prior to the residential and this helped me a great deal. This course was a fantastic experience and even if I don’t become a coach in the end, this course will still have changed the way I live my life.”
Dean Grimshawe
“The residential coaching experience was indeed a fantastic experience. Throughout the 3 day period I never hear a single criticism of anything, food accommodation, staff standards, and training. Everyone was very friendly and clearly enjoyed themselves.”
James Miller
It was a wonderful learning experience. I took so much from it and feel far more confident now than I did when I arrived. A life changing weekend.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with three wonderful coaches/trainers. Each trainer different and each day different. I have learnt so much more about coaching.
Jenny Johnson