Why Getting Your Professional Life Coaching

A question that comes up again and again in the coaching space is whether certification and accredited is essential. Many of the coaches out there move ahead without it, and while any number of professional fields are overseen by regulatory boards, this is something that has yet to happen in the world of coaching. However, this is beginning to change with the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring (IRCM) growing worldwide. Given that coaching is still evolving and a relatively new industry, do you even really need certification or accreditation? The answer is a decided yes. Getting certified as a life coach brings with it benefits that far outweigh any downsides.

Certification and Accreditation enhance Reputation.

Just like a degree on the wall, certification and accreditation gives your clients the assurance that you know what you’re about, simply put. It helps establish a system of trust between you and your clients, and it also establishes your reputation in the field in a larger sense. As more and more corporations turn to coaching as a way to improve morale and performance, you want to ensure that you have what it takes to distinguish yourself in an ever-growing pool of coaches.

Certification and Accredited demonstrates Commitment.

A friend is a professional track coach with years of experience and years competing as a Divisional athlete herself. Recently, she told me she was undergoing more certifications and accreditation to supplement and support her existing track record. Why, I asked her. “I want to show my student athletes and my co-workers how committed I am to this work and my evolution in it,” she replied. Pretty dramatic stuff, and it resonates as true. Getting certified and accredited as a professional life coach shows that you understand what is at stake and are committed to improvement as a professional.

Professional Coaching is an evolving field.

With professional coaching being a new industry and an evolving field, some people may think they can bypass certification and accreditation, the truth is that the evolving nature of the coaching field is exactly why you should get certified and accredited. To support the industry you want to be a part of and hopefully love and see the value. New ideas, methods and new techniques are coming out every day, making it crucial that you stay updated on what works. By getting certified and accredited, you can demonstrate to your clients that you are committed to the evolving industry of coaching. You are a professional.

Certification and Accreditation – Connects you.

Coaching relies on and is even defined by interpersonal relationships, having a cohesive and powerful network is essential to success. Getting your coaching certification and accreditation is one of the best ways to establish a network of professionals and clients.

Having a network not only opens you up to new opportunities, it also provides you with a database of knowledge when you need it most. Eventually, you may come up against a scenario in your professional career as a coach that you haven’t encountered before; who better to turn to than your network of fellow professionals?

Getting certified and accredited as a professional life coach may be intimidating at first, but it will, most likely be hugely beneficial to your career as a professional in the long run. Interested in exploring what certification and accreditation can do for you? Contact us today to discuss how you can supplement your existing skills and solidify your reputation as a professional life coach through certification and accreditation.

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